2019-01-10Cong. on Yuehui Wang's paper "Selective Matrix Factorization for Multi-Relational Data Fusion" is accepted by 24th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications(DASFAA)(CCF Rank B)
2018-12-22Cong. on Shixin Yao and Xing Wang's paper "Discovering Multiple Co-Clusterings in Subspaces" is accepted for SIAM Conf. on Data Mining (CCF B)
2018-11-01Congratulating on Xing Wang's paper “Multiple Independent Subspace Clusterings”, Yuying Xing's paper "Multi-View Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning based on Confederate Matrix Factorization" and Xuanwu Liu's paper "Ranking-based Deep Cross-modal Hashing" are accepted by AAAI2019. The overall accept rate is 16.2%=1150/7092
2018-10-11Congratulation, Yuehui Wang's paper "Weighted matrix factorization based data fusion for predicting lncRNA-disease associations" is accepted by BIBM as a regular paper
2018-09-25Congratulations! Ziying Yang's paper "CDPath: Cooperative driver pathways discovery using integer linear programming and Markov clustering" is accepted by APBC
2018-09-06Congratulation! Xing Wang's paper “Network Regularized Bi-Clustering for Cancer Subtype Categorization” is accepted by Chinese Journal of Computer
2018-08-18'Feature-induced Partial Multi-label Learning' 'Cost Effective Multi-label Active Learning via Querying Subexamples' are accepted by ICDM(CCF B) as short paper. Congratulating to Xia Chen !
2018-08-18'Multiple Co-Clusterings' is accepted by ICDM(CCF B) as short paper. Congratulating to Xing Wang !
2018-08-18'Multi-Label Answer Aggregation based on Joint Matrix Factization' is accepted by ICDM(CCF B) as regular paper. Congratulating to Jinzheng Tu !
2018-08-17'Semi-Supervised Multi-Label Feature Selection based on Sparsity Regularization Dependence Maximization ' is accepted by ICICIP2018. Congratulating to Ling Jiang !
2018-08-15'Predicting protein-protein interactions using high-quality non-interacting pairs' is accepted by GIW2018. Congratulating to Long Zhang !
2018-07-30'ClusterMI: Detecting High-Order SNP Interactions based on Clustering Mutual Infmation' is accepted by International Journal of Molecular Sciences(IF:3.687). Congratulating to Xia Cao !
2018-07-25'NMFGO: Gene function prediction via nonnegative matrix factorization with Gene Ontology' is accepted by IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics(TCBB) (IF:2.428) as regular paper. Congratulating to Keyao Wang !
2018-07-16'TrioMDR: detecting SNP interactions in trio families with model-based multifact dimensionality reduction' is accepted by Genomics. Congratulating to Jie Liu !
2018-06-26'BMC3C: Binning Metagenomic Contigs using Codon usage, sequence Composition read Coverage' is accepted by Bioinfmatics. Congratulating to Yuang Jiang!
2018-05-31'Matrix Factorization for Identifying Noisy Labels of Multi-label Instances' is accepted by PRICAI(CCF C). Congratulating to Xia Chen!
2018-04-17Two papers “Incomplete Multi-view Weak-Label Learning” “Multi-Label Co-Training” are accepted by IJCAI 2018(CCF A), Cong. to Qiaoyu Tan Yuying Xing!
2018-03-24Two papers "HiSSI: High-order SNP-SNP Interactions Detection based on Efficient Significant Pattern and Differential Evolution" and "Drug Repositioning based on Individual Bi-random Walks on a Heterogenous Network" are accepted by 14th ISBRA , Cong. to Xia Cao and Yuehui Wang
2018-03-14Congratulating Yingwen Zhao Guangyuan Fu f their paper"Gene function prediction based on Gene Ontology Hierarchy Preserving Hashing"is accepted by Genomics.
2018-03-14Congratulating Long Zhang f his paper .