2020-09-27Cong. on Guangjin Ou's paper "Flexible Cross-Modal Hashing" is accepted by IEEE TNNLS
2020-09-11Cong. on Guangjin Ou's paper "Multi-label Zero-Shot Learning with Graph Convolutional Networks" is accepted by Neural Networks.
2020-08-30Cong. on Jinzheng Tu's paper "CrowdWT: Crowdsourcing via Joint Modeling of Workers and Tasks" is accepted by ACM TKDD.
2020-08-20Cong. on Guangjie Zhou's paper "Predicting functions of maize proteins using Graph Convolutional Network" is accepted by BMC Bioinformatics.
2020-08-20Cong. on Tingting Yu's paper "Partial Multi-Label Learning using Label Compression" is accepted by IEEE ICDM.
2020-08-20Cong. on Shaowei Wei's paper "Deep Incomplete Multi-View Multiple Clusterings" is accepted by IEEE ICDM as Regular Paper.
2020-08-20Cong. on Yuanlin Yang's paper "Multi-type Objects Multi-view Multi-instance Multi-label Learning" is accepted by IEEE ICDM as a short paper.
2020-06-21Cong. on Yuehui Wang's paper "Attributed Heterogeneous Network Fusion via Collaborative Matrix Tri-factorization" is accepted by Information Fusion.
2020-06-05Cong. on Xia Chen's paper "CMAL: Cost-effective Multi-label Active Learning by Querying Subexamples" is accepted as regular paper of IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering.
2020-05-15Cong. on Yuying Xing, Yuehui Wang is being recommended as Excellent Graduate of Chongqing,2020; and the other graduates as Excellent Graduates of SWU, 2020.
2020-04-24Cong. on Guangyuan Fu's Master Thesis awarded with Excellent thesis of Chongqing.
2020-04-20Cong. on Yuying Xing's paper "Weakly-Supervised Multi-view Multi-instance Multi-label Learning" is accepted by IJCAI2020
2020-04-20Crowdsourcing with Multiple-Source Knowledge Transfer
2020-03-30Cong. on Yingwen Zhao's survey paper "A Literature Review of Gene Function Prediction by Modeling Gene Ontology" is accepted by Frontier in Genetics.
2020-03-29Cong. on Jinzheng Tu's paper "Active Multi-Label Crowd Consensus is accepted as Regular Paper of IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
2020-03-23Cong. on Qiuyue Huang's paper “Isoform-disease association prediction by data fusion” ,Huiling Zhang's paper “EpIntMC: detecting epistatic interactions using multiple clusterings" is accepted by ISBRA2020.
2020-02-14Cong. on Tingting Yu's paper “Partial Multi-label Learning with Label and Feature Collaboration” , Xuanwu Liu's paper “Dynamical User Intention Prediction via Multi-modal Learning” and Yuying Xing's paper “Link Inference via Heterogeneous Multi-view Graph Neural Networks” is accepted by DASFAA2020.
2019-12-18Cong. on Jinzheng Tu's paper “Attention-Aware Answers of the Crowd” is accepted by SDM2020.
2019-12-14Cong. on Lin Jiang's paper "Feature selection with missing labels based on label compression and local feature correlation" is accepted by Neurocomputing Journal
2019-12-05Cong. on Ziying yang's paper "Cooperative driver pathway discovery via fusion of multi-relational data of genes, miRNAs, pathways" is accepted by Briefings in Bioinfmatics