2018-06-07Congratulations! Xia Chen's paper “Matrix Factorization for Identifying Noisy Labels of Multi-label Instances” is accepted by PRICAI .
2018-04-17Two papers “Incomplete Multi-view Weak-Label Learning” “Multi-Label Co-Training” are accepted by IJCAI 2018(CCF A), Cong. to Qiaoyu Tan Yuying Xing!
2018-03-24Two papers "HiSSI: High-order SNP-SNP Interactions Detection based on Efficient Significant Pattern and Differential Evolution" and "Drug Repositioning based on Individual Bi-random Walks on a Heterogenous Network" are accepted by 14th ISBRA , Cong. to Xia Cao and Yuehui Wang
2018-03-14Congratulating Yingwen Zhao Guangyuan Fu f their paper"Gene function prediction based on Gene Ontology Hierarchy Preserving Hashing"is accepted by Genomics.
2018-03-14Congratulating Long Zhang f his paper .
2017-12-22Multi-view Weak-label Learning based on Matrix Completion' (Authors: Qiaoyu Tan+, Guoxian Yu*, Jun Wang, Zili Zhang, Carlotta Domeniconi) is accepted by SDM (CCF B). Congratulating to Qiaoyu Tan!
2017-12-05Matrix factorization based data fusion for the prediction of lncRNA-disease associations' (Authors: Guangyuan Fu, Jun Wang, Carlotta Domeniconi, Guoxian Yu*) is accepted by Bioinformatics Journal, Congratulate to Guangyuan Fu!
2017-11-22Xianxue Yu, Yinwen Zhao and Keyao Wang were respectively awarded with first and second grants by the College of Computer and Information Science,Southwest University.
2017-11-20Guangyuan Fu, Xia Chen Yinwen Zhao won the second prize of National Post-Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling. Xuanwu Liu, Yangyang Yan, Ziying Yang won the third prize of National Post-Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling.Congratulations to them!
2017-11-04Protein-Protein Interactions Prediction using a Novel Local Conjoint Triad Descriptor of Amino Acids Sequence is accepted by International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Congratulating to Long Zhang!
2017-10-09Identifying noisy functional annotations of proteins using sparse semantic similarity' (Authors: Chang Lu, Xia Chen, Jun Wang, Guoxian Yu, Zhiwen Yu) was accepted by SCIENTIA SINICA Informationis.
2017-09-30Protein Function Prediction Based on Multiple Networks Collaborative Matrix Factorization' (Authors: Guoxian Yu, Keyao Wang, Guangyuan Fu, Jun Wang, An Zen) was accepted by Journal of Computer Research and Development.
2017-09-28Guangyuan Fu, Xianxue Yu, Yuan Jiang, Xia Chen won the National Ncholarship! Congratulations to them!
2017-09-25Semi-supervised Multi-label Dimensionality Reduction based on Dependence Maximization is accepted by IEEE ACCESS, Congratulating to Yanming Yu!
2017-09-22All graduate students received first-class scholarship. Congratulations to them!
2017-08-23Ensemble Weak-Label Classification by Maximizing Dependency Between Label and Feature' (Author:Qiaoyu Tan, Guoxian Yu, Jun Wang, Maozu Guo) was accepted by the Journal of Software and will be formally published in November.
2017-08-01EnSVMB: Metagenomics Fragments Classification using Ensemble SVM and BLAST' (Authors: Yuan Jiang, Jun Wang, Dawen Xia, Guoxian Yu) was accepted by Scientific Reports.
2017-06-28NewGOA: predicting new GO annotations of proteins by bi-random walks on a hybrid graph' (Authors: Guoxian Yu*, Guangyuan Fu+, Jun Wang, Yingwen Zhao+) was accepted as Regular Paper by IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.
2017-05-31HiSeeker: detecting high-order SNP interactions based on pairwise SNP combinations' (Authors: Jie Liu+, Guoxian Yu, Yuan Jiang+, Jun Wang*) was accepted by Genes.
2017-05-30Predicting irrelevant functions of proteins based on dimensionality reduction' (Authors: Guoxian Yu*, Guangyuan Fu+, Jun Wang, Maozu Guo) was accepted by SCIENTIA SINICA Informationis.