2017-11-04"Protein-Protein Interactions Prediction using a Novel Local Conjoint Triad Descriptor of Amino Acids Sequence" is accepted by International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Congratulating to Long Zhang!
2017-09-25Semi-supervised Multi-label Dimensionality Reduction based on Dependence Maximization is accepted by IEEE ACCESS, Congratulating to Yanming Yu!
2017-08-01江源同学的论文“ EnSVMB: Metagenomics Fragments Classification using Ensemble SVM and BLAST”被Scientific Reports录用
2017-06-28傅广垣同学的论文"NewGOA: predicting new GO annotations of proteins by bi-random walks on a hybrid graph" 被 IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics录用为长文
2017-05-31刘捷同学的论文“HiSeeker: detecting high-order SNP interactions based on pairwise SNP combinations”被二区SCI期刊Genes录用
2017-05-03姚光军同学的论文"Semi-Supervised Classification by Discriminative Regularization", 被二区SCI期刊 Applied Soft Computing录用
2017-04-26谭桥宇同学的论文“ Semi-supervised multi-label classification using incomplete label information”被二区SCI期刊Neurcomputing录用
2017-03-28Network-aided Bi-Clustering for discovering cancer subtypes (Author: Guoxian Yu, Xianxue Yu(余显学), Jun Wang) is accepted by Scientific Reports. Congratulating to Xianxue!
2017-03-16Predicting irrelevant functions of proteins based on dimensionality reduction(基于降维的蛋白质不相关功能预测)(Author: Guoxian Yu, Guangyuan Fu(傅广垣), Jun Wang, Maozu Guo(郭茂祖)) is accepted by China Science- Information Sciences(中国科学-信息科学), Congratulating to Guangyuan!
2017-02-15‘Clustering Cancer Gene Expression Data by Projective Clustering Ensemble’(Author: Xianxue Yu(余显学), Guoxian Yu, Jun Wang*), is accepted by PLoS ONE. Congratulating to Xianxue Yu.
2017-01-25‘Multi-Label Classification Based on Low Rank Representation for Image Annotation’(Author: Qiaoyu Tan(谭桥宇), Yezi Liu(刘叶子), Xia Chen(陈霞), Guoxian Yu*), is accepted by Remote Sensing. Congratulating to Qiaoyu Tan.
2016-12-29The 2016 MLDA Year-End Meeting was held, Guangyuan Fu(傅广垣), Yuan Jiang(江源) and Wei Luo(罗卫) are awarded with the annual Best Students in the Lab.
2016-11-12The Graduate Interdisciplinary Salon ‘Network based Biological Data Mining’ is hosted by MLDA Lab, Prof. Huang Deshuang(from Tongji Univ.), Prof. Wang Jianxin(From Central South Univ.) gave excellent talks in the Salon.