Description :This page includes the dN-CMG software. dN-CMG ( dN-based classifying metagenomics genes) is the first tool uses nonsynonymous nucleotide substitutions to classify metagenomics genes. dN-CMG is integrated with several tools PRANK, CLUSTALW, KALIGN, MAFFT, OPAL to align sequences and PAML tool to compute the ratio of non-synonymous substitutions. dN-CMG is easy to install can automatically complete computations. dN-CMG is very conservative and its precision is more than 99%.
The codes are implemented and tested by Mr. Jiang (Yuan Jiang, Email: yuanjiang@email.swu.edu.cn) and free for academic usage.  For other purposes, please contact the corresponding Author Dr. Yu (Guoxian Yu, Email: gxyu@swu.edu.cn). If you have any problem on using these codes, just contact Dr. Yu via Email.

References :
This related paper is under review, detail information will be announced later

Requirement :The package was developed with Perl. Details are included in manual
Download : [ dN-CMG ]