Description :This page includes the codes of BMC3C which is an ensemble clustering based paradigm to accurately and robustly bin contigs by making use of sequence Composition, Coverage across multiple samples and Codon usage. The codes are implemented and tested by Mr. Jiang (Yuan Jiang,Email: and free for academic usage. For other purposes, please contact the corresponding Author Dr. Yu (GuoxianYu,Email: or Dr Luo (Haiwei Luo, Email: If you have any problem on using these codes, just contact Mr. Jiang or other authors via Email.

References :
Requirement:Optional dependencies MATLAB version >=2015 python >=2.7 Picard tools version >= 1.110 bowtie2 version >= 2.1.0 Pridigal version >=2.6.3.
Download : [ BMC3C ] [ BMC3C_README ]