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M.Sc. Students

Name Program Start time Progress highlights
Long Zhang M.Sc. 2016- GIW2018, Neurocomputing, International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Lin Jiang M.Sc. 2016- ICICIP2018
Xing Wang M.Sc. 2016- ICDM, Chinese Journal of Computers
Xia Cao M.Sc. 2017- International Journal of Molecular Sciences, ISBRA
Ziying Yang M.Sc. 2017-

Research Assistants

Name Start time Progress highlights


Name Grad date Highlights First Employment
Jie Liu 2018.6 Genomics, Genes, Current Proteomics State-owned Assets Supervision And Administration Commission of Guangzhou Municiple Government
Qiaoyu Tan 2018.6 IJCAI, SDM, Neurocomputing, Remote Sensing, Journal of Software Student in Texas A&M University, College Station
Yanming Yu 2018.6 IEEE ACCESS, ICONIP, Neurocomputing Student in King Abdullah University of Science & Technology
Guangjun Yao 2017.8 Applied Soft Computing, Algorithms Credit Card Center of CITIC Bank(Shenzhen)