欢迎到访西南大学机器学习与数据分析(Machine Learning and Data Analysis, MLDA)实验室!本实验室隶属于西南大学计算机与信息科学学院,实验室主要研究方向包括机器学习、数据挖掘、大数据分析和生物信息学等.实验室研究受国家自然科学基金,人力资源部留学人员科技活动择优资助项目,重庆市基础与前沿研究项目,中央高校基本业务科研费等项目资助。
Welcome to our Machine Learning and Data Analysis (MLDA) Lab @ Southwest University! The research interests of MLDA include Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data Analysis and Bioinformatics. Our researches are supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Technology Foundation for Selected Overseas Chinese Scholars, Natural Science Foundation of Chongqing, and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.


Recruit Information:
Each faculty in the Lab can recruit and supervise graduate. MLDA always welcome students, who are interested in Machine Learning and Big Data Mining, to join and participate in exciting research topics and to quickly shape yourself. The Lab can provide you with the latest research facilities, timely guidance and various opportunities to co-work with members and collaborators of the MLDA Lab.

邮编: 400715,电话:023-68254396; Email: gxyu@swu.edu.cn

Contact: Room 1002, 25th Building, College of Computer and Information Science, Southwest University, No. 2 Tiansheng Road, Beibei, Chongqing, China. Zip: 400715, Tel: +86-23-68254396; Email: gxyu@swu.edu.cn


2017-05-25"HiSeeker: detecting high-order SNP interactions based on pairwise SNP"(Authors: Jie Liu, Guoxian Yu, Yuan Jiang, Jun Wang*) is accepted by Genes, Congratulating to Jie Liu.
2017-05-09"HashGO: Hashing Gene Ontology for protein function prediction"(Authors: Guoxian Yu, Yingwen Zhao, Chang Lu, Jun Wang) is invited to be published by Computational Biology and Chemistry
2017-04-19"Semi-Supervised Classification by Discriminative Regularization"(Author: Jun Wang, Guangjun Yao, Guoxian Yu) is accepted by Applied Soft Computing, Congratulating to Guangjun!
2017-04-14Three MLDA members (Guangyuan Fu(傅广垣), Jie Liu(刘捷), Xia Chen(陈霞)) are awarded with Student Research Funds for the Central Universities of China! Congratulating to them!
2017-04-14"Semi-Supervised Multi-Label Classification using Incomplete Label Information"(Author: Qiaoyu Tan, Yanming Yu, Guoxian Yu, Jun Wang) is accepted by Neurocomputing! Congratulating Qiaoyu and Yanming!